New Day, New Breakfast!

As we’re working with another of Dru Yoga’s unique Energy Block Release sequences - EBR3 – I wanted to share how it had helped me learn a very valuable lesson when I first started practicing it.  This is best summed up by something my husband, Matthew, said to me one morning: “You don’t have to have the same thing for breakfast every day”.

This might seem a bit obscure but let me explain… 

I used to have a tendency to become over attached to habit and routine.  This was a long-standing pattern and it still pops up to say ‘hi’ every now and again.  Breakfast was a prime example of this: I would start my day by having the same thing to eat but, more than this, believing that I had to have this same thing to eat.  I would get so stuck in a rut that I’d even take breakfast with me when I went away because I couldn’t imagine not having the ‘right’ breakfast.  Even when I didn’t actually want it.

I can’t say for certain that EBR 3 affected the change, but a change certainly happened during my practicing of the sequence.

 Things are very different. I now really enjoy not knowing what I’m going to have for breakfast and relish the pleasure of having what I fancy.  In taking time to really listen to what my body needs (i.e. what I really want to eat). 

The change was triggered by Matthew’s off-the-cuff comment, “You don’t have to have the same thing for breakfast every day”.  the significance of his words finally hit home; I didn’t have to stick to patterns that no-longer served me. 

The other thing that EBR3 has definitely given me is a greater understanding of the power I have to realise my goals, both big and small.  That I can always move closer to a goal, and often in the most unexpected ways.  I regularly use EBR3 to help set an attention for a positive outcome or result. 

For example, at Easter a few years’ back we spent a few days in Cornwall with family and at the end of the stay I wasn’t looking forward to the journey home.  It is long, boring and uncomfortable – my body really doesn’t like sitting in car for long periods!  So, I decided to set a goal to have an enjoyable journey, I practiced EBR3 and visualised being in the car laughing, talking and just enjoying spending time with Matthew.

As it turned out, the journey took us nearly nine hours – more than double what it should have been – due to heavy Bank Holiday traffic and an accident!  However, amazingly neither of us got annoyed or irritated, even our young puppy was fantastic in coping with the unexpectedly lengthy journey, and we actually managed to enjoy ourselves. 

I remember really appreciating the unexpected pleasure of a walk through a hidden field at the back of one of the service stations we stopped at – the peace, quiet and solitude of nature after the noisy heat of slow-moving traffic. And, funnily enough, EBR3 sequence is also known as ‘The Heart Awakener’.

I’ve taken a similar approach to both job interviews and important meetings – using EBR3 to visualise things going well and to enjoying myself.  The effect has been that I arrive feeling positive and confident that things will go well.  And they have.

Why not watch the video above of my colleague Andrew demonstrating EBR3 on a beach in Australia, then give it a go and see what results show up for you too.