Reviews & Testimonials

Here is a selection of feedback, comments, reviews, and testimonial I have received from students of my Dru Yoga classes and  from our Heal Your Life® Workshop attendees.



"Dru is a wonderful, gentle yet powerful form of yoga, that works on the mind and soul as well as the body. Toby’s classes combine breathing exercises, meditation and asana practice, guided by his warm and attentive presence. The perfect way to unwind, rebalance and strengthen yourself in today’s busy world." Kate, London

I've been going to Toby's classes for over a year and a half and I'm completely addicted! Dru is about mind as much as body, although the flexibility and toning benefits are excellent. Classes are relaxed and fun and you always come out feeling like your mind has been calmed and cleared." Catherine, Sheffield

"I loved the 'Introduction to Dru Yoga Workshop' we had with Toby! His ability to connect with the group was really good, his presence, energy and personality are fantastic! I could feel the love and the passion he has as a teacher, as a leader and I would strongly recommend Toby Yoga classes!" Mihaela, Rainhill

"I have tried various yoga classes before (and struggled!). However, with Toby it was completely different; from the outset Toby completely puts you at ease and you genuinely feel there is no pressure, whatever level of fitness you are at. All the moves were well explained and shown, including how we breathe as we are doing them. I honestly didn't want the class to end and if I lived nearby I would be a regular attender for sure! I really felt a great peace and balance between mind and body after the class. Go. You will love it!" Catherine, Dublin

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"Toby is an excellent teacher; calm, organised, thoughtful and puts you at ease. Dru yoga is gentle and powerful all at the same time. I do it to help maintain not only physical but mental and emotional well being." Lindsey, Sheffield

"Toby is a warm, open-hearted and intuitive teacher who shapes his classes to suit the needs of all participants. Dru Yoga is a beautiful, flowing, calming yoga discipline which anyone of any age or experience can benefit from." Matt, Sheffield

"Toby is a great teacher with a very loving heart" Susan, Derby

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"The Dru yoga session with Toby was the best I've ever had. First, the Dru Yoga is easy... it is not as stressful as the other ones seemed to me, and yet it feels so energetic ... And Toby, has this very unique way of combining physical movements with spirituality, a dash of humour and lovely music! Would have definitely continued with this yoga if I lived in UK" Amina, Egypt

"Toby is great! Calm, kind, fun. I was a yoga newbie 18 months ago, a 50 year old Executive type, prompted because I was fed up with feeling knotty and tense all the time. I have found Toby’s classes have helped clear much of that, as well as teaching me better movement, relaxation, posture. Highly recommended." Richard, Sheffield


TOBY YOGA is Sheffield's only Certified Heal Your Life® Facilitator, licensed to provide workshops, seminars and study groups. Here are reviews from some of our previous participants about their experience of taking part in one of my Heal Your Life® events:

"Toby you are a real teacher! Thank you very much for a wonderful Heal Your Life® Workshop. The material was clearly conveyed and you allowed each participant to express themselves in an open and safe manner. It helped me a great deal." Noa, Israel

"Toby I cannot thank you enough for putting the last piece in the puzzle... It had so much impact on me and I owe you a big thank you for all the the things that will come because you helped me believe I deserve them." Nowra, Saudia Arabia

"Toby is an amazing workshop Leader. His clam, peaceful presence created space for me to connect with my inner self to get deeper insights. I would highly recommend Toby for a truly transformational experience." Ruchi, London

"That was a really good workshop. Thank you." Sema, London