Dru Yoga Classes in Sheffield

You can enjoy a range of regular weekly Dru Yoga classes in Sheffield with TOBY YOGA. I offer a range of public classes open to all, private classes for those associated with specific organisations and private 1-2-1 lessons. You can find details on the classes page.

If you’re new to yoga or JUST new to Dru Yoga then come and give one of our classes a try. You can find out more about Dru Yoga and what to expect from one of my classes below.

Please get in touch beforehand because space can be limited. I can also talk you through what you can expect and what you need to bring.


What can I expect in a Dru Yoga class?

We start each lesson with a fun activation to wake you up and warm-up your body. We’ll then move onto a flowing EBR (energy block release) sequence to release tension from the joints and muscles, followed by targeted posture work (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama). The class will finish with a long, deep guided relaxation. Together these different elements help create a great feeling of health, harmony and general well-being.

"I loved that the Dru yoga didn't serve to hold postures and further add to physical stress, rather it allowed fluidity and loosening. It was an awesome end to my week. Thank you to the very talented and inspirational Toby." Helen H

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Do I need to have done yoga before?

It doesn't matter if you've never done yoga before or haven't done any real exercise for years because  Dru is for everyone! No matter what age, shape or size you are, you’ll be able to do Dru Yoga. You won’t need to compare yourself with anyone, and in Dru Yoga we never talk about the ‘perfect posture’. Instead we find the right ways to do yoga safely and effectively for you depending on your unique abilities. The emphasis is always on you.

"Thoroughly enjoyed my first yoga class, l could feel myself strengthening, even at 65 yrs , it was in a way easier than l thought, yet warming." Ann B

What should I wear for a Dru Yoga class?

You can wear whatever you feel most comfortable  in. The most important thing is that you can move about freely and easily, for some people that means tight and stretching fabric while others prefer loose and flowing. It's completely up to you. It is also a good idea to wear a few layers so that you can quickly warm up or cool down during the class.

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Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, bring a yoga mat if you have one but don’t worry if you don’t I will have a few spare mats that I can lend. I would also suggest bringing some water because you will probably get thirsty and a blanket to cover up with during the relaxation at the end of the class as the body can quickly cool down after exercise.

"What an amazing experience! I have tried lots of different styles of yoga but this was my first time with Dru. I absolutely loved it!! Thank you so much for an amazing class." Lola A

What is Dru Yoga?

Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on soft flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. With its foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition - it has its roots in Hatha Yoga – and incorporating the latest scientific insights, Dru works on body, mind and emotions to bring about greater health, harmony and happiness. There are Dru Yoga schools all around the globe, including the England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Canada. You can find out more about Dru Yoga at

"Dru is a non-profit, social enterprise inspiring a naturally healthier way of living for everybody. We are an international School of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Health and Nutrition... Our passion is to create educational programmes that transform lives, give back to society and leave the earth better than we found it." from,

Where do TOBY YOGA classes take place?

Now we love a fancy yoga studio but appreciate that they can be intimidating places for some people and for those who've never experienced yoga before. That's why all our TOBY YOGA classes take place in community spaces, such as school halls and church rooms, because Dru Yoga is for all and we want everybody to feel welcome. 

How much do TOBY YOGA classes cost?

Classes cost £10 each but if you pay for five or more classes together the cost is just £9 each - saving you 10%.  This is because I want to thank you for making a commitment to your health and well-being by committing to Dru Yoga. You can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer. I am  not able to take card payments.

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Is TOBY YOGA inclusive?

Yes, TOBY YOGA is open and inclusive to everyone. My Dru Yoga classes are a safe space so whatever your gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, body type, or level of ability you will be welcome at TOBY YOGA.

"Even after a shorter taster session I was smiling and relaxed! I felt privileged to have Toby as my teacher, it was such a lovely class! Thank you!" Susan T

Are TOBY YOGA teachers qualified?

Yes, all our teachers are fully qualified - having completed two years of Dru Yoga Teacher Training and associated teaching practise - and registered members of the Dru Professional Network (DPN.) The Dru Yoga teacher training course includes 350 guided learning hours, is registered as a 350 hour course with Yoga Australia and a 300 hour course with Yoga Alliance.  Toby is also a Certified Dru Kids & Teens™ Teacher and is proud to offer Dru Yoga specifically tailored for young people aged 3-5, aged 6-8, and aged 13-18 .

What are the benefits of Dru Yoga?

There are many benefits of Dru Yoga physically, mentally and emotionally - many people find it helps them become more flexible, better able to relax, feel fitter and sleep more soundly. I did! In world-first research studies, Dru Yoga is shown to be beneficial in reducing stress and back pain at work. It helps professional footballers experience fewer injuries. And most importantly, it helps you make a greater success of your life. Research conducted by the University of Bangor, North Wales shows Dru Yoga eases back pain, decreases stress, and reduces both anxiety and fatigue. And a survey of more than 450 people who regularly practised Dru Yoga showed that:

  • 93% experienced improved spine flexibility

  • 91% gained more peace of mind

  • 91% overcame negative thinking

  • 89% experienced improved breathing

  • 89% reported reduced stress levels

  • 86% enjoyed increased energy levels

  • 84% benefitted from enhanced mood

  • 83% felt more emotionally balanced

  • 81% had greater confidence.

Does TOBY YOGA offer 1-2-1 yoga teaching?

Yes, we are happy to offer one-to-one targeted Dru Yoga consultations with Toby. These bespoke sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Working on a one-to-one basis is beneficial for many reasons, for example if you:

  • are new to yoga (or Dru Yoga) and want to build experience and confidence before joining one of our weekly classes

  • have a specific health concern or issue that you want to work on

  • want to deepen your practice by exploring a specific aspect of yoga in more detail

  • feel like treating yourself to a class that focuses solely on you and your needs.

A one-to-one consultation typically lasts for 90 minutes and the cost is £60 per session. Lessons take place at Eastview Studios, Hunter’s Bar the home of TOBY YOGA. It is possible to arrange sessions in your own home for a supplementary fee.

"Really enjoyed last night's class. My shoulders feel so relaxed today” Judith, Sheffield

“Thank you so much for such a lovely session tonight! I feel ready for a good night’s sleep.” Charlie, Sheffield