Health, harmony & happiness.

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Sleep better, feel fitter, become more flexible, and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Dru Yoga blends gentle flowing sequences to release tension with targeted posture work to increase muscle tone & powerful relaxations to de-stress the mind. (In three separate research studies published in scientific journals, Dru Yoga has been found to reduce stress and lessen back pain, improve wellbeing and prevent injuries).

Give yourself the gift of better health, harmony and happiness with TOBY YOGA - Sheffield's only male Dru Yoga Teacher. Discover our range of Dru Yoga classes and events; suitable for everyone, perfect for you!

TOBY YOGA is also the only certified provider of Heal Your Life®  workshops, seminars, and study groups in Sheffield. And the only licensed Teen emPOWERment PlayShop® Instructor, offering workshops for younger children (aged 12 - 14) and for older teenagers (15 - 18 years of age.)

Dru Yoga should be available in every G.P. surgery
— Dr Hilary Jones, Practising G.P. and Medical Broadcaster
Be uplifted, transformed and energised
— The Independent